Mobile content providers under pressure

By 11/14/2014 January 27th, 2015 Food for thought

Brands are constantly under pressure to keep up with fast-moving technology and consumers expect to be able to use the same website functions on their mobile devices as they would on a desktop site.  Twitter reported earlier this year that 86% of time spent on the site is through a mobile device. This type of statistic can’t be ignored so it is increasingly important for companies to provide a user friendly mobile site.Mobile web analytics firm, Netbiscuits, conducted a global survey this year covering consumer behaviours on the mobile web. They found that 91% of consumers switched to a competitor’s mobile website if their original choice was too slow or not user-friendly enough. The study reveals that there are various reasons for consumers’ dissatisfaction with a mobile website, however 95% of people agreed that it is too difficult to find information compared to the same company’s desktop site.

Not surprisingly, the issue of privacy is raised with mobile sites. 40% of the respondents of “The People’s Web Report’ said that they would immediately abandon a mobile site if they were asked to share their location details.

When competition within an industry is high and there is always another option for a consumer to choose, companies need to up their game to ensure they don’t get lost in the crowd. While content may be king, the chosen channel needs to deliver it as effectively as possible.