Starburst Map

Stand out from the crowd with our ingenious Starburst format. It’s attention-grabbing. It’s interactive. It’s innovative!

The pop-up effect will wow your audience and increase awareness of your brand, like no other print marketing product. This is the go-to marketing solution for high-end brands – the perceived value of your products and services will soar when you use our Starburst folds.

How does it work?

The Starburst format is actually a clever hybrid of other folds. The layering of the folds creates an amazing two-directional opening experience that fully engages consumers. They’ll hold onto the product because they enjoy the experience of using it and because they’ll want to remember your product, service or brand.

How can I use it?

The Starburst is perfect for all of the following:

  • Promotions
  • Product launches
  • Invitations (with map and RSVP slips)
  • Special events
  • Folded maps
  • Pull-out maps
  • School and university campus maps
  • Exhibition, conference and roadshow handouts
  • Product information
  • Tourism information
  • Novelty projects

If your aim is to make a dramatic impact, then the Starburst is for you.

Can it be customised?

As with all Z-CARD products, the Starburst can be tailored to meet our customers’ many and varied needs. The Starburst format is available in different sizes, shapes and finishes so that customers can get maximum impact from this highly effective marketing tool.

A pocket-sized Starburst product is ideal if your customers are on the move at tourist spots, entertainment venues, exhibitions and trade shows.

There are add-on features such as extended covers, card holders, pop-up inserts and customer personalisation. Bridge technologies such as QR codes can be incorporated into the design for crossover to digital channels. You can even add a luxury finish with metallic inks or scent releases to really win potential customers over.

However you choose to customise your Starburst product, you’ll be a hit with your audience. This is a versatile, creative and crowd-pleasing product.