Infinity Card

Grab your target audience’s attention with a clever, creative, super-cool Infinity Card on your print materials.

This kind of marketing is irresistible to customers. They want to play, interact and engage with your Infinity Card custom postcards forever, discovering all your hidden messages and images. “That’s so clever!” you’ll hear them say. “How does it work?” they’ll want to know. Never has print marketing been so hands-on and so hard to put down!

How does it work?

Although the Infinity Card may seem like magic, it’s actually just clever design. Technically it goes by the name of flexagon – a geometrical term for flat models that have a front, back and other faces that can be flexed or folded into place.

This is the kind of smart design that only true print product professionals can deliver. To pull off a successful Infinity Card, you need to design a digital postcard using the kind of precision, creativity and know-how that the team at Z-CARD has.

How can I use it?

The Infinity Card is an ideal way to explain key products or services. You can even tell a short story in 4 panels. Alternatively, Infinity Cards can be used to provide innovative folding maps.

Whichever way you use this unique and memorable form of marketing, you can be sure that you’ll surprise and delight customers.

Z-CARD can create the Infinity Card with an integrated bottle hanger element. This special feature enables our customers to put their message directly on products at the point of purchase. Consumers love having direct access to visually appealing, informative content.

Is it expensive?

The Infinity Card offers exceptional value for money. It’s intricate and unique design leaves a lasting impression on people’s minds making it a memorable choice. The Infinity Card is more likely to be kept by recipients and taken back to the office or home where they can continue to play with it endlessly, increasing user engagement with your brands message.