Video Advertising in an Integrated Advertising Campaign

By 12/09/2014 January 27th, 2015 Technology

Brands are increasingly using video advertising to engage with their customers, and create a seamless advertising campaign. Research firm Enders Analysis has recently reported that the UK Online video advertising market will be worth the same as Channel 4’s ad revenue by 2016. Channel 4 earned £846 million in ad revenue in 2013; online video advertising spend was £325 million in the same year.  Comparing video advertising spend with one of the UK’s most popular TV channels ad revenue shows the scale of its growth.

Some brands are moving away from the traditional celebrity endorsed advertisements, and instead choosing to feature YouTube stars in their video advertisements. Homebase partnered with video blogger – or vlogger – Tanya Burr for their latest advertising campaign. Homebase wanted to reposition themselves as a source for home inspiration, rather than a DIY hardware store. Tanya Burr was given a £500 voucher for the store and made a 12 minute video of her “homehaul”, with the video description containing links to all the products. Homebase saw a 46% increase in sales of the showcased products and amassed over 350,000 UK views. The retailer’s Facebook fanbase grew by 10% as a result of the video advertising campaign.

Homebase is an example of a truly integrated campaign, effectively executed. According to research firm Brightcove, 39% of consumers more likely to research a subject further after watching a ‘good branded video’.

Video advertising is extremely measurable, with each view making one more person aware of the brand, just as QR code success can be measured by the number of scans it receives. To find out more about combining your Z-CARD campaign with a digital element, contact us on 020 7924 5147.