Personalisation in Marketing

By 03/05/2015 Uncategorized

Personalisation is a powerful tool in marketing, and can have a huge effect on customer experience, keeping customers interested and invested in your brand. Research by EConsultancy shows that 74% of marketers know that personalisation increases customer engagement.

Benefits of personalisation include:

  • Increased customer conversion with the brand: We are living in such a connected world and consumers expect to be recognised individually, especially by brands that they are loyal to. Personalisation can help to increase conversion rates, as customers will feel valued by the brand
  • Personalisation improves customer retention: Customers will be discouraged to switch brands if they are receiving a personal experience and feel that their current brand knows what they like to buy and what they are interested in
  • Personalisation makes marketing useful: we are constantly bombarded by advertising messages, so it is important for a brand’s message to stand out. Personalisation can greatly increase a campaign’s impact

Z-CARD® creates successful multi-channel marketing campaigns across various markets combining print, digital and mobile. We offer a range of solutions and services, specifically designed to help you achieve your campaign goals.

Personalisation of your PocketMedia® campaign can greatly increase response rates and increase the value of your campaign to the end user. We can personalise the covers or inserts on all our products as well as creating personalised bespoke Direct Mail pieces.

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