Media Days: Gothenburg

By 02/28/2014 December 3rd, 2014 Uncategorized

On March 6-7, Gothenburg will play host to a remarkable group of literary, television, business & political thinkers. Every media industry is to be represented by someone with a unique slant on where their profession has progressed to currently within modern society. For example, Greg Poehler will talk about his television show, ‘Welcome to Sweden’, based on his experiences as an American in Sweden, and will discuss why it is of such cultural importance that the Swedish audience has multilingual television created specifically for them.

On the first ‘Media Day’, the Print industry will be represented by Z-CARD®. Our marketing Manager, Alastair Love, will be giving a talk on why high quality print has now become a hugely fashionable media channel. Z-CARD® will also have a stall throughout the 2-day event, in order to chat to the different Swedish & International media sectors to discuss how print fits so neatly into modern Scandanavia.