All we want for Christmas is to be told what to buy

By 11/04/2014 January 27th, 2015 Retail

Everything changes for shops at Christmas. New store opening hours, special offers, Christmas themed decorations, products and events, all intended to get as many customers as possible into your shop throughout the Christmas rush.

So, with all shops trying the same marketing methods, how do you ensure that customers will choose to come to you above all others?

The answer is, to do all the hard work for them. Christmas shopping is an extremely stressful time for consumers. They would rather NOT have to spend too long thinking about the perfect presents for their Great Aunt Mabel, so the way to grab their attention is simply to tell them what she would like.

If you can tailor your window display, your print, your online media, to tell your customers exactly which presents suit which age group and relationship, it’ll save them a lot of trouble. And, in gratitude, it’s likely that if you say Auntie Mabel will just love the perfume that happens to only be sold in your shop, your customers will be happy to believe you.