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Z-CARD® signature product range Use this section to find out more about our signature product range and other popular products, including the original Z-CARD®. If you can't see what you need here please contact us and we'll find a solution for you. We look forward to hearing from you.
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More Products As well as our signature range of Z-CARD®s, we are also able to offer an almost unlimited selection of compact folding products.

Here are a few examples of our more popular products, but if you can't see what you need here please get in touch and we’ll find a solution for you.

Infinity Fold The Infinity Fold is a fun and interactive format for communicating your key messages and engaging your target audience. It is a unique, playful product, with multiple ways of folding and unfolding the card to reveal different messages. Customers will not want to put it down! Infinity Fold

The Infinity Fold can also feature an integrated bottlehang element, enabling you to distribute distribute your message, with the product.

The Infinity Fold is ideal for:
  • Product promotions
  • Customer loyalty offers
  • raising brand awareness
  • Event promotions

* UK products only
Pure Fold A highly cost-effective PocketMedia® solution!

The Pure Fold consists of the usual high quality Z-Fold, but produced without card covers. The covers are replaced by two gloss UV panels, giving the effect of covers.

Pure Fold This innovative format saves you money and reduces the environmental impact of your communications.

Features include:

  • Quality coated stocks
  • Gloss UV varnished outer panels
  • Lightweight and super-slim
Pop-Up Z-CARD® The Pop-Up Z-CARD® is highly interactive and has high impact. Whether used as a stand-alone product or part of an integrated campaign, this exciting product will increase brand recognition, promote customer loyalty or assist with the launch of new products. Pop-Up Z-CARD

Available in a range of sizes and quality finishes, with extended cover and card holder options, all with high impact pop-up inserts.

The Pop-Up Z-CARD® is ideal for:
  • Exhibition maps
  • Hotel guides
  • City maps
  • Event schedules
  • Transport guides
X-Wrap The X-Wrap offers additional security for your message with a unique closing mechanism. It is manufactured with a specially designed three panel cover with integrated clasp, to allow the product to stay closed when not in use. X-Wrap

The closing mechanism removes the need for tabs or flow-wrapping to keep the card closed and protect the paper insert.

The self-contained format also allows for easy distribution, for example in magazines,on-pack or in direct mail.

* UK products only
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