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Z-CARD® signature product range Use this section to find out more about our signature product range and other popular products, including the original Z-CARD®. If you can't see what you need here please contact us and we'll find a solution for you. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Book Fold : Secure Branding Our Z-Book and Z-Wrap formats open like books creating a tactile marketing tool that engages the end user. Each format contains a Z-CARD® insert and can include:

  • A cover pocket - perfect for travel cards or hotel room key cards.
  • A closing mechanism - the Z-Wrap has a wrap-around cover, hinged like a book, that holds contents safely inside when closed

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Book Fold : Specifications Below are our most popular Book Fold sizes. There are many options for customising inserts and covers, with a number of possible size variations. zbookn_6panel zwrap_4panel Z-Book 6 panel Credit Card*
Cover: 85mm x 54mm (closed)
Insert: 234mm x 300mm

Z-Book 6 panel Pocket Card*
Cover: 108mm x 78mm (closed)
Insert: 297mm x 420mm
Z-Wrap 6 panel Credit Card*
Cover: 85mm x 54mm (closed)
Insert: 234mm x 300mm
* available in up to 13 panels Download our artwork supply guidelines (.pdf 2.8mb)
Substrates Our products are available in a wide range of stocks and finishes. Our most popular are:

Insert Stocks
• 80gsm Uncoated
• 95gsm Coated

Recycled Stocks
• Envirocare
• Re-Art

Cover Stocks
• 300gsm Crescendo

Cover Finishes
• Gloss UV Varnish
• Spot UV Varnish
• Gloss Lamination
• Matt Lamination
Z-CARD® Enhancements Options Our Z-Books can be enhanced in a number of unique ways. If you don't see exactly what you need we can always find a solution.

Custom Covers The options for customising Z-CARD® covers are almost limitless but a few examples include; Custom Covers

Shaped covers - we can create a bespoke cover in the shape of your product to enhance brand synergy. Popular designs include mobile phone and football-shaped covers.

Bottlehangs - we can create a bespoke bottlehang cover, designing the Z-CARD® to fit perfectly on your product.

Tear-off covers - we can incorporate a redemption voucher or response mechanism using an extended cover with perforation.

Cover pocket - we can customise your Z-CARD® covers to hold travelcards, hotel key cards, vouchers, security tags or any other type of card!.

*Weather proof covers - all-weather paper can be used to make your Z-CARD® 'weather proof'. *UK product only

Lenticular lens covers - using a lenticular lens cover you can convey a different image from every angle.
Custom Inserts We can customise the insert of a Z-CARD® using a number of different stocks or finishes. Custom Inserts

Popular options for customising inserts include:

Perforation/tear-off section
Insert panels can be perforated to incorporate tear-off promotional coupons, application forms and response slips.

Mailing options
Mail-ready response mechanisms can be incorporated into the insert, by including extended tear-off panels, with re-moist glue for sealing and posting the response.

* Weather proof inserts
All-weather paper can be used to make your Z-CARD® 'weather proof'. This unique, durable stock is designed to endure excessive wear and tear and rainy weather conditions! *UK product only
Personalisation We can personalise any Z-CARD® format to target individual customers, improve response rates and increase the value of your campaign. Personalisation

This includes personalisation options on the cover or insert of the Z-CARD®. This is particularly recommended for our short-run digitally printed Z-CARD®s and all direct mail options.

Features include:

  • Sequential numbering
  • Latex scratch panels
  • Unique codes
  • Individualised addresses and greetings
Shrinkwrapping & Flow Wrapping Shrinkwrapping
We can Shrink Wrap your Z-CARD®s to deliver a tidy closed solution. Shrink Wrapping can help keep the Z-CARD®s closed for transportation, tipping into magazines and other mail distribution methods.
Tabbing & Flow Wrapping

Shrinkwrapping can:
  • Help you comply with distribution and mail fulfilment requirements
  • Keep the Z-CARD®s closed during transportation and handling

Flow Wrapping
We can flow wrap all of our Z-CARD®s using various substrates from normal flow wrap film to food grade packaging. Flow wrapped Z-CARD®s are ideal for inserting into magazines and for distributing in or on pack, delivering your message directly alongside your product.

Benefits include:

  • Help you to comply with distribution and fulfilment requirements
  • Keep the Z-CARD®s closed during transportation and handling
  • Suitable for meal tray distribution using food grade flow wrap
RFID We can add an RFID cover to your Z-CARD®, to provide a combined ticketing and information solution. RFID

RFID technology uses radio waves to exchange data between a reader and a slim electronic tag, which can be contained within a Z-CARD®.

This is ideal for events or transport companies that want to deliver an all-in-one compact, portable solution combining a ticket and user information.

Benefits include:

  • All in one solution
  • Compact, retainable format
  • Ability to measure results
QR Codes We can help you to bridge the gap between print and digital by incorporating a QR code into your Z-CARD® artwork and tracking its success. RFID

QR codes are 2D barcodes that can be scanned using smartphones. The phone translates the code into a web address, directing the customer to the chosen mobile site. QR code scans are easy to measure, allowing businesses to track customer interaction and assess effectiveness.

Features include:

  • Measurable interaction
  • Colour options to reflect branding
  • Links to online content such as videos, e-business cards, or mobile sites
  • Report packages available
  • Re-direction options to different URLs
Augmented Reality Augmented Reality is a stunning technology that allows you to bridge the gap between your print and digital communications. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can help you to:
  • Drive people online to a particular website
  • Engage a younger target audience
  • Encourage higher levels of brand engagement
  • Create additional impact for your campaign

Augmented Reality can be applied to any Z-CARD® format, leading the user to an online experience that can deliver high levels of engagement, interaction and ROI.

Using Augmented Reality and a web camera, a printed picture on the Z-CARD® is transformed into a 3D or moving image on-screen.

Z-CARD® Distribution Options Our Z-Books can be distributed in a number of unique ways. If you don't see exactly what you need we can always find a solution.

Display Boxes & Point of Sale Take Z-CARD®s to your customers and increase your pick-up rates with our wide range of display boxes and Point of Sale options. These high impact, high visibility distribution methods are an excellent alternative to handing out information. With floor standing and table top capabilities, all of our displays can be tailored to your requirements, ensuring brand synergy. Please contact our sales team to discuss design, materials and finishing options. Display Boxes & Point of Sale

Benefits include:
  • One point of contact for all your requirements
  • Opportunities for additional branding
  • Improved efficiencies and reduced costs
  • Print matching

We can also advise on how best to use displays and POS stands, to put your message into the hands of your target audience at the right time and in the right place.
Plastic Wallets & Pouches Keep your Z-CARD®s safe with a plastic outer wallet. We offer a number of wallet options including travel card holders, key-rings and pouches, to keep your message on person. Plastic Wallets

Benefits include:
  • Keeps your Z-CARD® secure
  • Increases retention rates
  • Opportunities for cross promotion
  • One point of contact for all your requirements
  • Competitive pricing guaranteed
Publication Tip In/Inserts Make your magazine advert stand out with a tipped-in Z-CARD®. We have experience working with printing and fulfilment houses and we are happy to liaise with them on your behalf. Publication Tip Ins

We can arrange for your Z-CARD®s to be tipped on the front cover of a magazine, on an advert inside the magazine, or loosely inserted into the magazine packaging.

We have facilitated tip-ins in publications including Sydney & Melbourne Magazine for the SMH & Age Newspapers, Wheels Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Virgin Blue Voyeur Magazine just to name a few..

  • Cross branding
  • Highly targeted distribution option - message delivered directly to your target audience
  • High impact
  • Magazine opens at the point of tip-in
  • One point of contact for all your requirements
Distribution Channels Working with a network of specialist distribution partners, we can help you distribute your message in all the right places. Distribution Channels We are happy to manage this process for you or alternatively put you in touch with our specialist partners.

Our distribution options include:

Airport/station distribution
We can distribute your Z-CARD®s on airport or station concourses or in departure lounges. We can arrange anything from free-standing or table-top product dispensers to manned display stands or mobile promotional staff.

In-flight Media
Reach a captive and receptive audience by placing your Z-CARD® onto meal trays on board flights for selected airlines.

We can distribute across Australia in:
9000+ Cafes & Restaurants, Major Hotels, Bookshops, Art Venues, Theatres, Cinemas, Education Centres, Universities & Tafes, Music venues & festivals, Galleries & libraries.

We can act as a single point of contact for all your requirements, making distribution simple and hassle-free.
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