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Trademarks & Patents

The full range of Z-CARD®s and the proprietary machinery used to produce our portfolio of PocketMedia® products are protected by worldwide patents granted or pending.

New patent applications recently filed cover the process by which Z-CARD®s are produced and by definition any machinery used in this process and/or any products resulting from use of the process.

PCT Number: 2013343216

Our brand is protected by, among others, the following registered trademarks: Z-CARD®, the Z-CARD® logo, PocketMedia®, Z-Guide®, Z-Map®. All of our products carry one or more of these marks which are our assurance of quality to our clients.

Trademark number: 600849

It is a legal requirement that each Z-CARD® produced carries a patent and trade mark notification.

When necessary, we have acted and will continue to do so, to protect our legal position. This has included successful legal proceedings with respect to patent and copyright infringement. In the UK alone, we have successfully litigated through the Patents County Court, High Court of Appeal and the House of Lords.

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